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    Episode 3: The Evolution of Data Science and the Watershed Moment for the Life Sciences Industry

    It is crucial for life science businesses to keep up with the fast changing technology in their space. Shikha Singhal, the Head of Data Science practice at Axtria joins us to discuss how the shift in technology is impacting life sciences and why data science is suddenly rising to the attention of so many people currently. She discusses the challenges that customers are facing and how companies should build the capabilities to handle the challenges. Tune in today to learn where companies are seeing the most immediate impacts and how to stay ahead of the curve.

    In This Episode, We Cover:

    • [3:13] Why are we talking about data science now? It’s been around for a while – what has changed?
    • [6:04] What is the impact on life sciences due to the changes in technology?
    • [8:36] What kind of challenges are customers facing as they try to adapt?
    • [13:13] How should companies build the capabilities to handle the challenges?
    • [19:46] Are there any specific applications of data science where customers are seeing immediate impact?
    • [22:16] What are the innovations and unique approaches Shikha brings to her customers?

    Key Takeaways:

    • With the recent advances in technology, data science has the potential to transform internal operations for scale and agility and revolutionize the way we identify and engage with customers, which in turn has a significant impact on business and patient outcomes.
    • A large majority of these initiatives fail because of various reasons that are shared in the episode.
    • It is critical that life sciences companies plan upfront and invest in the right partners and technologies but most importantly on the people and culture front.

    About Speaker

    Meet Shikha Singhal:

    Shikha leads the Data Science practice at Axtria. She is the force behind productionizing AI/ML at many of the top global life sciences companies. As someone who understands the scope and scale of AI/ML applications within our industry, I can attest that this role comes with a lot of responsibility and requires a tremendous amount of experience and knowledge. And Shikha has no shortage of both. In fact, she is one of the very few leaders I know who have such an extensive array of experience across life sciences domain, business operations, data analytics, and building new capabilities and solutions. But it’ll be a miss if I don’t mention the expertise that probably matters the most – it’s her ability to build, train, and effectively scale teams. Shikha is truly a champion when it comes to developing and solidifying culture, enabling the teams to reach their potential. This is what I call her “superpower”, which alone sets her so far apart from the other data science leaders. Shikha has spent over two decades in the Life Sciences industry and her impact can be seen not only at Axtria but at all the global life sciences companies she has helped throughout her career.


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