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5 Ingredients For A Successful Launch Of An Animal Health Product

Animal health companies operate in a unique market. Sales and marketing leaders must consider the industry-specific nuances while designing the go-to-market strategy for their products. Data blind spots, extra-label drug usage, multi-tiered distribution networks, and the involvement of human caregivers for animal patients introduce multiple challenges to successfully launching a new animal health product. But despite data blind spots, complex patient biology, and several other unique nuances of animal health products, there are ways to ensure a successful product launch.

This point of view explores the five ingredients that can significantly improve the launch of an animal health product.

  1. Understand the marketing landscape
  2. Identify customers to serve as early-adopters
  3. Maximize sales force motivation with lucrative incentives
  4. Prepare all distribution channels for the new products
  5. Set the stage for Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) and Professional Services Veterinarians (PSVs)

As a commercial analytics and operations leader, Axtria has worked with several animal health companies over the last decade. Read this point of view to learn more about Axtria’s checklist for determining a successful animal health product launch for sales and marketing executives. It combines Axtria’s past engagements, learning, and deep domain expertise.

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