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Specialty Pharmacy Data Value Management

Utilizing Data-Driven Insights to Improve Brand Performance and Drive Commercial Excellence


Contracted specialty pharmacies and hubs provide patient status and dispensing data to the manufacturer. Integration of patient statuses and dispense datasets provide a 360 patient view capable of informing a manufacturer's patient engagement functions, payer insights, and field reimbursement teams. 

The most important application of specialty pharmacy data is to triangulate patients in fulfillment journey for identifying significant bottlenecks. This should be leveraged to ensure optimal pull-through and support patients to persist on treatments. 

While specialty pharmacies are becoming an important data source, they are not commercial data suppliers. Not surprisingly, data quality and operationalization of specialty pharmacy data remain a crucial challenge for most pharmaceutical companies. 

This point of view report explores the application of specialty pharmacy data to map out treatment, access, and affordability burden impacting patients' ability to get onto and stay on treatments while touching on the importance of specialty pharmacy data quality in informing decisions across commercial operations.

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