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The Power of Digital Technologies in Transforming Clinical Trials

Clinical trials are becoming more complex as pharmaceutical companies focus their research and development efforts on treatments for rare diseases and personalized medicine, and on demonstrating improved patient health outcomes. However, pharmaceutical companies have started deploying digital technologies to simplify and streamline the clinical trial process in a variety of ways. This includes targeted recruitment of patients, identification of promising study sites, making efficient use of massive new data sets, and supporting early decision-making with increasingly powerful advanced analytics models.

To provide an in-depth look at technology intervention in increasing the speed, scale, efficiency, and effectiveness of clinical trials, the objective of this report is to: (1) provide an overview of the evolving clinical trials ecosystem, (2) explore how digital technologies can create value across the various stages of the clinical trial process (from trial design to execution to closeout), and (3) identify the role of data analytics to support early decision-making and improve R&D productivity. The report also demonstrates how the pharmaceutical industry is laying greater emphasis on patient engagement and understanding the patient experience throughout the drug development process to improve clinical outcomes.

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