All Insights Report Unlocking Promotional Success: Insights from 140+ Marketing Mix Studies

    Unlocking Promotional Success: Insights from 140+ Marketing Mix Studies

    Marketing Mix

    Unlocking Promotional Success: Insights from 140+ Marketing Mix Studies

    This report provides a comprehensive analysis of the critical trends emerging in pharma promotional effectiveness.

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    Unlocking Promotional Success: Insights from 140+ Marketing Mix Studies

    The pharmaceutical sales and marketing landscape has observed a remarkable transformation in the past five years, propelled mainly by changing consumer preferences and technological advancements. One of the most prominent developments during this period has been the increasing focus on digital marketing channels. Traditional sales approaches are being joined by virtual channels such as email outreach, social media campaigns, and online advertising. The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic accelerated this transition as face-to-face interactions became restricted. Several other factors have contributed to this “digital ascendance,” fundamentally altering how pharmaceutical companies interact with healthcare professionals, patients, and key account customers.

    This transition prompts a crucial question: What are the key insights shaping the path of pharmaceutical sales and marketing in the foreseeable future?

    Over the last five years, Axtria has conducted more than 140 Marketing Mix (MMx) studies in the US market alone, delving into the strategies of pharma companies across multiple therapy areas and product life stages. Based on pharma’s spending patterns and observed returns on investment (ROI), this report provides a comprehensive look at the critical trends in customer engagement dynamics.

    This report will show you where pharma is putting its spending, and where it plans to put it in the years ahead. Some of the highlights include:

    • The digital spending surge

      • See how much pharma has increased its average digital spending overall, and which digital channels are receiving the bulk of those dollars.
      • Learn what the future trajectory of digital spending will look like, compared to traditional face-to-face marketing.

    • The impact of diverse digital channels

      • Compare the amounts spent between each digital channel.
      • Understand the challenges and opportunities associated with each channel.

    • Effectiveness of digital channels on promotional ROI

      • Analyze the evolving effectiveness of digital channels.
      • See what’s working, and what’s driving improved engagement across digital channels.

    • Shift in marketing objectives

      • Understand the transition from driving total sales to focusing on the patient.
      • Understand how marketing channels and budgets adapt to these changing objectives.

    This report couldn’t be more timely. It unravels the complexities that pharma sales and marketing face right now. This report also decodes the implications of these spending trends as digital transformation continues. The insights revealed in this report can serve as a road map of recommendations, so companies can stay ahead of the curve. 

    Download the report now to stay informed about the forces shaping the future of life sciences. 

    For a detailed conversation around Axtria’s MMx studies and the underlying analysis revealing these trends, request a readout with our industry-leading experts.

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    Unlocking Promotional Success Insights from 140+ Marketing Mix Studies

    Unlocking Promotional Success: Insights from 140+ Marketing Mix Studies

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