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Pharma Omnichannel Trends In A Post-COVID World

Omnichannel marketing is described as a concept that seamlessly integrates the different communication channels that businesses use to communicate with customers. It aims to provide a coordinated customer experience that is personalized, timely, and efficient.

There has been a gradual but steady rise in digital adoption in the life sciences industry. However, when it comes to maturity and pace of adoption, life sciences companies lag compared to other industries. Intertwined policies, access to key stakeholders, complex regulations, and lack of the right skill sets make digital technology adoption complicated in the life sciences space.

Furthermore, the COVID-19 pandemic posed some critical questions for the life sciences world. Axtria’s Director, Inderpreet Kambo, conducted a roundtable with senior industry leaders to discuss some of these vital questions.  This roundtable project aims to discuss the most impending roadblocks, and provide recommendations for mitigating some of the challenges and accelerating the omnichannel transformation. The roundtable project will be published in a five-part series.

In part one, you will discover recent trends in omnichannel adoption and the opportunities posed by their impact.

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