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Deploying Successful Global Incentive Compensation Capabilities

Companies spend between 10% and 40% of their total revenue on their sales force - Bain, Frontline of Healthcare Report

Over 70% organizations feel their employees do not understand the compensation philosophy -

Incentive Compensation (IC) can single-handedly make or break your sales force. 

It’s a process that sales and commercial leaders constantly strive to get right and implement with organization-wide consistency. There exists no single formula to solve the incentive compensation management puzzle, especially at a global scale across multiple geographies. The answer lies in a global incentive plan that aligns with the broader business strategy, is financially predictable, flexible and highly efficient.

Designing and deploying plans at a global level is a journey. Axtria’s white paper on “Deploying successful global incentive compensation capabilities” discusses the key elements that can help leaders build comprehensive sales compensation capabilities. These include:

  1. Business case for change of existing incentive plans
  2. Guiding principles for setting global compensation capabilities
  3. Maturity dimensions of a global IC capability

Use Case: The paper also illustrates how Axtria partnered with a global pharma company to deliver a multi-lingual, multi-currency enabled IC plan for 12,000+ representatives across EU, US and APAC regions.

Download the white paper to explore the different approaches and build a road-map to global implementation.

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