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Pricing And Market Effects Of Biosimilar Entry In The US

The entry of biosimilars into the US pharmaceutical market is a very recent phenomenon beginning in 2015 with the launch of Zarxio. Three biosimilars were added in 2016, with more predicted in 2017 at the time of this publication. Europe has experienced biosimilars since 2006, and thus can serve as an initial benchmark for insights through empirical studies that may be drawn for predicted effects for the US market. The growth and interest in biosimilars will continue as the presence and spending on biologics increases. Governmental and private commercial reimbursement systems in developed and pharmerging markets will seek to increase competition by encouraging utilization of lower-cost biosimilar alternatives in response to growing cost pressures of biologics.

This white paper will cover the following questions as they pertain to the entry of biosimilars in the US market:

  • What are the barriers and determinants to biosimilar entry in a specific market?
  • What are the price impacts of biosimilar entry and resulting share changes of the reference biologic?
  • What is the pricing strategy effect on the reference biologic?
  • What effects do biosimilar entry have on messaging & marketing (role of promotion) for the reference biologic?
  • What differences should be expected for biosimilar adoption by payer and provider channels?

The white paper ends with conclusions and future implications of biosimilar entry in the US market.

Dr. George A. Chressanthis is currently Principal Scientist at Axtria. He brings a unique combination of professional experiences into the analysis of strategic and operational issues affecting the biopharmaceutical industry.

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