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The Augmented Rep: A Practical Field Force Guide For Omnichannel

The Covid-19 pandemic has forced pharma companies to rethink their sales and marketing strategies and adapt to a virtual setup. Now that the pandemic is easing out, companies are recalibrating their business processes proactively to remove excess operational costs, data silos, and other growth hindrances. The newly adopted omnichannel world has given companies access to interactive tools and methods to facilitate the sales rep and HCP interaction leading to better patient outcomes. This has given them more flexibility to operate across geographies, with a customer-centric approach.

The changing sales models are aided by digital transformation efforts in tools and technology and AI enabling sales and marketing teams to work in tandem with R&D teams. HCPs are now able to access content on-demand through multiple channels, thus easing the job of the field force. Sales reps are now donning hats of customer service along with traditional sales giving rise to the “Augmented Rep”. Instead of taking one big leap towards an omnichannel transformation, companies are benefitting by breaking it into small initiatives focusing on the customer needs.

In this white paper, Reuters Events Pharma talks about the changing role of the field force and the new normal of omnichannel B2B sales. The report explores the perspectives of eight pharma thought leaders on the projections of the industry.

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*The white paper was originally published in the Reuters EventsTM.

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