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The Evolving Role Of Sales Ops In Omni

The nature of sales operations in life sciences is changing rapidly as digital marketing becomes a core function for marketers. Sales representatives are still central to pharma sales, but they need to leverage data and analytics to tailor conversations and provide a personalized customer experience while helping healthcare professionals solve problems in a complex healthcare environment.

Axtria reviewed the latest trends in our work for sales and medical operations globally, and we interviewed five experienced executives to identify key themes that characterize the evolution of sales ops: 

  • sales ops as a strategic role
  • integration with digital marketing
  • information overload
  • agility to handle constant change

Sales ops leaders have a crucial role in the rapidly evolving life sciences industry, where they must navigate complexity, handle information overload, and remain agile to handle constant change.

Industry leaders highlight that sales ops need to understand the business and rapidly adapt to constantly developing technologies and omnichannel processes. They must evolve into a force that understands, strategizes, develops, and offers solutions for the problems faced by stakeholders. Sales ops must complement business skills with analytical skills to identify trends and patterns that enable insightful business decisions.

Further, the white paper considers long-term trends for commercial model innovation and closer engagement with patients that will change practices in more dramatic ways. It is a must-read for anyone who wants deeper, critical, and real-world insights into the fusion of sales ops, digital marketing, and omnichannel.

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You’ll gain insights from:

Bruno Indelli

Bruno Indelli
Head of Strategic Transformation, Human Health at Merck Sharp and Dohme


Grady Sheldon
Executive Director, Field Excellence at Amgen

Hector Herrera Seittiffe

Hector Herrera Seittiffe
Global Head of Commercial Performance at Grünenthal


Mehmet Bozbay
Senior Director Field Deployment, Incentives, and Analytics at Astellas Pharma, US

Pratyush Kumar

Pratyush Kumar
Global Healthcare CRM Manager at Nestlé Nutrition Strategic Business Unit

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