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The Future Of The Pharma Commercial Model - Embracing The Customer Experience

This white paper asserts that enabling a positive customer experience for providers and patients will increase loyalty, improve adherence, and drive higher commercial success. In this white paper, the authors have defined healthcare providers (HCPs) as the customer.
The authors have substantiated the case by leveraging published research across industries and drawing from the perspectives of current HCPs. Three foundational changes are recommended to enable a superior customer experience:

  1. Creation of a customer experience organization structure
  2. Integration of data and systems for omnichannel orchestration
  3. Design/measurement of customer experience metrics.
This white paper expands on each of the above recommendations. It outlines the organization structure, details the data and technology capabilities that need to be enabled, and identities the metrics that should be measured for the design, implementation, and execution of initiatives to drive effective customer experience.

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