Life sciences companies continually face the question of building or buying their critical data management solutions. Maximizing how far your dollars go and weighing the pros and cons of a build versus buy approach needs constant balance.


While custom-built solutions offer the promise of more control, recurring investments create data silos, leading to ever-increasing costs to operate, maintain, and extend the solutions. This “Build vs. Buy” paper highlights the opportunity to stitch together the data ecosystem using a standardized, commercial, off-the-shelf data fabric approach that can enable life sciences organizations to leverage the best of both off-the-shelf capabilities while customizing additional elements.


Read this white paper to explore the advantages of buying a pre-built data platform solution. Examine the benefits of a data fabric-led implementation that includes an innovative, unified architecture, self-service approach with no “rip-and-replace” of the existing investment. Axtria DataMAx™ is the only available out-of-the-box life sciences platform that integrates and unifies existing legacy systems with best-of-breed tools and technologies using a revolutionary approach to managing data.


A true assessment of data management solutions beckons life sciences commercial firms. The time is ripe for IT leaders to explore this transformative approach that focuses on enhancing operational value more than just deployment value, and maximizes data investments through a proven industry data platform.