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How To Manage Sales Incentives In Disruptive Times

A proper incentive compensation strategy (IC) is key to driving sales rep-physician engagement and motivating the salesforce to achieve performance goals. However, nationwide lockdowns shuttered doctors’ offices and compelled commercial operations to go remote.

Subsequently, life sciences companies faced new challenges, including weak field productivity and detailing restrictions. In 2021, the industry understands the pandemic’s effects on IC plans better than in the early pandemic. Together, Axtria and its clients are testing new, effective strategies to increase sales rep engagement while securing sales operations.

“How To Manage Sales Incentives In Disruptive Times” article highlights the following topics and suggests best practices based on these real-world use cases and results:
An overview of how COVID-19 is disrupting the sales force and impacting all sales operations areas, focusing on IC
The key objectives sales operations leaders must focus on when considering IC changes, including sales force engagement and the effective use of IC to achieve brand goals
The most successful future planning methods to keep sales rep engagement high while securing sales operations, like introducing management by objectives (MBOs), weaving downside IC protection into plans, and more
The most common IC design process mistakes we see pharma companies make, including poor communication regarding plans, not making proper systematic IC adjustments, etc.

This article is featured recently in WorldatWork’s Workspan publication and is authored by Axtria’s Asheesh Sharma, Head for Commercial Excellence, Abhijit (Abhi) Paul, Director of Commercial Excellence, Daniel Stewart, Director of Commercial Excellence, and Rebecca Lorenzo, Marketing Associate.

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