Salesforce Einstein, Star Of The Show

    Salesforce Einstein, Star of the Show @ Dreamforce 2016

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    We’ve had some pretty memorable announcements over the years at Dreamforce, but the launch of Einstein, Salesforce’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) engine, has to be one of the most exciting. Especially for us at Axtria!

    Salesforce Einstein is AI built into the core of the Salesforce Platform. It delivers advanced AI capabilities to sales, service, and marketing — and enables anyone to use clicks or code to build AI-powered apps that get smarter with every interaction. Unveiled by Marc Benioff himself, he claims the product will steer the company to a new decade of growth.

    Artificial intelligence (AI) is seen to be the next major wave of innovation in data driven technology, driven by advances in computing power and easier access to advanced algorithms. Einstein is the first comprehensive AI for CRM which is designed to enable companies to be smarter and more predictive about their customers. At a high level, AI is both understanding historical data and applying what is learned to current contexts to make predictions. It has the potential to be more disruptive and powerful than any previous shift in technology.

    Various studies suggest that AI will become prevalent within organizations in the years to come but before that, organizations need to understand that future of technology lies in data and its analysis. We are living in an era where the amount of data generated per day is humongous. There are challenges in terms of volume of data as well as its variety. Experts now predict a 4300% increase in annual data generation by 2020. There is data available on just about every aspect of your customer and their journey, and we believe transforming this data into insights is what makes the difference.

    We can really relate to Einstein at Axtria. The way that it discovers insight, predicts outcomes and recommends next steps (all while getting smarter and smarter along the way) is very similar to Axtria SalesIQ™. Our cloud-based integrated platform enables intelligent, insight-driven territory alignment, call planning, incentive compensation and field reporting for flexible and high impact sales planning and operations.

    Key benefits of platform include greater transparency, scalability and confidence in commercial decision making. This reduces errors, increases motivation and drives optimal sales productivity. Our customers also experience business process improvements, seeing as much as 50% reduction in alignment cycle time, 33% reduction in call plan generation, 95% adoption of call plans and 30% reduction in disputes and inquiries.

    It’s no wonder we were recognized by Forbes for having one of the hottest sales operations and analytics tools at Dreamforce 2015. And this year it’s bigger and better!

    Don’t forget, the Einstein Keynote session is scheduled on Thursday, 6th October between 3.00 pm – 4.00 pm.  John Ball, GM of Salesforce Einstein along with salesforce most innovative customers will showcase how you can get smarter and predictive about your customers using Einstein. We’d love to hear what you think. Don’t forget to visit us at Booth 101.

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