dreamforce 2016

    Highlights FROM dreamforce 2016

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    Dreamforce continues to grow in size, importance and energy. 2016 was a standout year for us at Axtria with so much focus on data, insights and intelligent applications. Data is clearly the new opportunity.

    At Axtria, we thrive on customer engagement and Dreamforce gave us the opportunity to meet with hundreds of you. We enjoyed the chance to discuss the latest industry trends, hear about your business challenges, and share our leadership in the commercial space.

    There were some pretty memorable announcements and learnings at Dreamforce, and we wanted to share our top 5:  

    1. Companies Are Ready for Intelligent Applications

    Modern organizations are hungry for actionable insights. Integration and analytics are how to get them. The best companies are integrating clouds, processes, and incorporating accessible analytics directly into their employees’ daily routines. They are focused on translating their overwhelming collections of data into intuitive, automated employee experiences that can power incredible customer moments. We at Axtria believe in empowering such companies to make better data-driven decisions. We aim to be the defacto provider of cloud information management and analytics platforms. Providing the ability to ingest, validate and process a variety of structured and unstructured data sources and integrate them into insight for our clients.

    2. Software Is Getting Smarter

    Artificial Intelligence was a key theme this year. Einstein was Salesforce’s star of the show. It delivers advanced AI capabilities to sales, service, and marketing — and enables anyone to use clicks or code to build AI-powered apps that get smarter with every interaction. We could really relate to Einstein at Axtria. The way that it discovers insight, predicts outcomes and recommends next steps (all while getting smarter and smarter along the way) is very similar to Axtria SalesIQ™. Our cloud-based integrated platform enables intelligent, insight-driven territory alignment, call planning, incentive compensation and field reporting for flexible and high impact sales planning and operations.

    3. Domain Experience And Industry Knowledge Is Key 

    Organizations are realizing the importance of diverse data sources and new data types. It is also important to remember that the primary value comes not just from the data in its raw form, but from the processing and analysis of it and the insights, products, and services that emerge from the analysis. At Axtria, we believe that domain knowledge is a critical contributor to producing such insights. Axtria’s subject matter experts pride themselves on their domain knowledge for the industries they focus on. We bring together technology, analytics and domain knowledge to enable customers to solve real life problems and make informed decisions.

    4. Deeper Customer Insights Are Key To Growth

    Becoming customer-centric is now key to every business. The traditional product-centric focus is growing ineffective. The best companies today don’t just have great products but they have the right processes, structures, tools, and people that blaze a path for customer success. To succeed, you must capture customer data from all sources and manage it across customer-facing systems and functions as well as analyze it to obtain actionable insights that drive business advantage.

    5. Its Good To Give Back

    The Salesforce community is known for getting involved in the charitable efforts at Dreamforce such as last year’s ‘1 million books’ campaign to get more children reading. This year saw the drive to raise $1 million for RED, the charity that aims to fight Aids in Africa. Combine this with the four themed days: education, health, equality for all and compassion. Each day highlighted a different theme with unique opportunities to get involved and give back. You can still donate to RED here, if you didn’t get a chance at Dreamforce: https://red.org/donate/


    In addition, we had some great interactions with a number of you and look forward to taking our discussion forward and contributing to your continued success.