Incentive Compensation Benchmarking Study

    In today's rapidly changing and competitive business environment, sales professionals must be agile, able to anticipate changes, and capitalize on new opportunities. Simultaneously, organizations must be able to modify Incentive Compensation (IC) practices in line with changing market dynamics and the specific nuances required of an IC plan in the ongoing challenge to attract, reward, and retain the right talent.

    IC is one of the most significant drivers of sales force productivity and effectiveness. Today, IC team leaders need to be aware of industry trends and best practices that significantly impact sales force performance. Axtria conducted an Incentive Compensation Benchmarking Study across client teams in the US in 2020. Check out the infographic below to learn about the key findings from the study:

    Axtria Insights - Incentive Compensation Benchmarking Study


    Download the detailed report on Axtria's 2020 Incentive Compensation Benchmarking Study.