Evidence Generation: Evolution and Future of Integrated Evidence Planning

    Integrated evidence planning (IEP) offers a comprehensive framework that harnesses various data sources, scientific methodologies, and cross-functional expertise throughout a product's life cycle, effectively delivering crucial insights into its benefits, safety, and value. Our upcoming webinar will delve into the functional and operational dimensions of IEP, elucidating its rationale and myriad benefits. The panelists will explore the journey of IEP and provide valuable insights into potential barriers associated with IEP and strategies to surmount them. Additionally, they will delve into operational aspects, including the development, implementation, and optimization of IEP systems.

    Join us for this webinar to:

    • Delve into the evolutionary journey of IEP.
    • Decode challenges related to IEP and explore potential solutions.
    • Explore the architecture of IEP, processes involved in their development, implementation, and operation.
    • Gain insights on emerging innovative trends in IEP.


    Won Chen Lee Updated

    Won Chan Lee, Ph.D.

    Principal and Practice Lead of HEOR/RWE Practice, Axtria – Ingenious Insights


    Chris Blanchette, Ph.D.

    Vice President, Clinical Data Science & Evidence, Novo Nordisk

    Shibani Pokras

    Shibani Pokras

    Senior Director and Global Process Owner, Integrated Evidence Planning, GSK