Application of Analytical Models in Commercial Deployment and Operations: Current State and Evolving Industry Trends

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    There is a lot of focus and investment in developing multiple analytical models each year by Insights and Analytics (I&A) teams. However, only a select few models are making the cut and being leveraged for translating strategy into actionable deployment. The objective of this webinar session is to provide an overview of various popular analytical models being leveraged across the pharma commercial operations value chain. Additionally, the evolution/emerging industry trends will be addressed.

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    Vineet Rathi

    Vineet Rathi, Principal, Commercial Excellence, Axtria

    Vineet Rathi has over 15+ years of experience in leading commercial analytics, sales operations and consulting engagements in the Life Sciences domain. At Axtria, Vineet serves as a Principal and is focused on delivering solutions across the Commercial Excellence value chain for Axtria’s clients.</p><p style="text-align: left;">Vineet’s functional experience includes sales force effectiveness, alignment design, call planning, incentive compensation management, commercial data governance and reporting. Vineet has worked across primary care, specialty and rare therapeutic areas with a focus on both traditional retail customers and organized customers like integrated delivery networks (IDNs).</p><p style="text-align: left;">Vineet has experience in managing PMOs for mid-size to large multi-million-dollar commercial analytics and operations engagements across top US pharma, which also includes supporting major events of commercial model transformation and sales force restructuring. Vineet has also helped clients establish best practices in data governance and cloud platform based end-to-end commercial operations management.

    Erik Christianson

    Erik Christianson, Senior Director, Commercial Excellence, Axtria

    Erik Christianson has 15+ years of experience working in the Life Sciences space. At Axtria, Erik is driving end-to-end Commercial Excellence with a focus on SPM systems, sales force alignments, technology platform implementations, incentive compensation design, administration and governance.

    He has been supporting technology transformations of commercial operations across many therapeutic areas in the Life Sciences including oncology, primary care, specialty and rare disease. He has managed the delivery of commercial ops projects from start to finish, including requirements gathering, software implementations and ongoing administration. He is actively responsible for innovation initiatives for commercial operations systems, technology integrations and the application of AI/ML in the commercial operations process. He is responsible for conducting effective software demonstrations to help companies unlock the value of cloud-based automation for call plan management, alignment maintenance and SPM processing.

    Erik also possesses strong Program Management experience with a track record of delivering top quality communication services to the field to drive understanding and motivation through training programs, effective documentation and video creation.