All Insights White Paper Omnichannel Engagement: Why Isn’t Pharma There Yet?

    Omnichannel Engagement: Why Isn’t Pharma There Yet?


    Omnichannel Engagement: Why Isn’t Pharma There Yet?

    Omnichannel marketing is the integration and cooperation of the various channels organizations use to interact with consumers, with the goal of creating a consistent brand experience.’

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    Omnichannel Engagement: Why Isn’t Pharma There Yet?

    The transition from multichannel to omnichannel customer engagement is critical for the industry but not as straightforward as it may seem. Over the years, pharmaceutical companies have tried to make a move, but very few can claim to be successful and having achieved omnichannel maturity. COVID-19 accelerated the digitization drive across industries and demonstrated the potential of virtual interactions and digital marketing. During the pandemic, all large life sciences companies invested in the technologies and teams for omnichannel marketing, and now digital channels live alongside face-to-face customer visits.

    Despite this nudge, most pharma companies hit speedbumps in their omnichannel pursuit. The reasons are more than one and arise out of multiple factors, including the following:

    • Pharma’s unique business model requiring a different approach to omnichannel marketing
    • Need for a unified view of customer data
    • Limited patient insights
    • Long-term content planning blind spots
    • Institutional rigidity

    This white paper condenses the thought of industry leaders in life sciences. Experts from Axtria and the pharmaceutical division at Reuters Events join hands with the leaders from major pharma companies, including the Grünenthal Group, Bristol Myers Squibb, Sanofi Genzyme, ViiV Healthcare, Novo Nordisk, Sobi, and Jazz Pharmaceuticals, to discuss the prominent forces preventing pharma companies from adopting omnichannel customer engagement successfully. The paper also discusses the path forward with detailed insights into recommended adoption models and organizational frameworks. Customer success stories, direct quotes from expert opinions, and examples of omnichannel marketing in other industries make this white paper a must-read for anyone interested to learn more about omnichannel marketing across industries and the nuances of omnichannel orchestration in pharma.

    You’ll gain insights from:


    Vandana Singh
    Omnichannel CoE,
    Axtria Inc.

    Charles Rink 2

    Charles Rink
    Omnichannel CoE,
    Axtria Inc.


    Florent Edouard
    SVP, Global Head of Commercial Excellence, Grunenthal


    John Wang
    Senior Director, Commercial Insights & Analytics,
    Jazz Pharmaceuticals


    Ray Gomez
    VP, Worldwide Omnichannel Capabilities,
    Bristol Myers Squibb


    Manvendra Singh
    Senior Director, Head of Sales Innovation, International Operations,
    Novo Nordisk


    Kate Thota
    VP, Customer Experience,
    Insights & Operations,

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