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Has Traditional Call Planning Passed Its Prime?

The short answer to this question is most definitely “yes,” and probably more important now than ever before.

Annual pharma company spending on their sales force is still among the single largest line item in the budget, and according to promotion-response and marketing-mix analyses, remains a significant driver of sales revenue and contribution. The changes in the pharma environment from a strictly volume-based to a more value-outcomes-based commercial model design (CMD), will require adaptations in call planning to this new framework.

To keep up with the many changes occurring in the pharma environment, this white paper reviews and addresses:

1. The origins of pharmaceutical call planning

2. The current state of call planning, if it’s still important or if it’s becoming obsolete

3. The avenues that sales operations teams can take to adjust to current call planning methods and utilize analytics of data from call execution (deviations from current practice) or the adaptations that are necessary to traditional call planning for this essential sales operations process


This paper explores simple and more complex additions and solutions to a myriad of issues facing future changes to call planning. A central theme in all the proposed solutions is the use of data-driven analytics and technology to improve call planning in an ever-changing pharma environment.

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