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    From broadcasting a series of monologues at ‘easy’ customers in order to sell products, to having an engaging and effective dialogue with fairly ‘complex’ targets to make meaningful connections – marketing has definitely come a long way. The touch point with the customers no longer depends on the store closure time.

    The ‘purchase model’ itself has become very complex. Remember your last purchase? A camera, a car, a cell phone – whatever it was – you would have probably researched it on the Internet, read all the product reviews, maybe landed on an advertisement, called up their customer care, received their sales agent’s contact details in an email and contacted him / her, visited the stores, visited their website, discussed with a friend on social media…wow! What if I were to ask you to pick one channel / source that drove the decision to purchase? Could you do it?

    Yes, the reality is it’s no longer about a single channel or a specific campaign in time, but rather the ‘experience’ provided by the purchasing continuum. The key is to leverage one story telling moment to the next, building coherent and powerful brand equity – each interim step is crucial, but the linkages, and the pace of establishing these linkages, is what makes it explosive and changes the game!

    The analytics, however, is still stuck in the past. The statistician in us still lives in a controlled environment, trapping one channel at a time and beating it to death until it confesses.

    Through the Whitepaper we will make the case for the advancement in analytics to account for the role of interactions as well as sequences / linkages in measuring the return on investment.

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