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Axtria Gold Sponsor for 2015 Pharmaceutical Management Science Association (PMSA)

After an overwhelming response to the Axtria’s presence last year, we are pleased to announce Axtria’s Gold Sponsor support for this year’s Pharmaceutical Management Science Association (PMSA) Annual Conference. Axtria’s Principals have supported the PMSA for two decades, including over 15 presentations / symposia / poster contributions over the past decade alone. The annual PMSA conference is attended by industry thought leaders, and highlights the latest thinking in life sciences analytics and business challenges facing commercial operations.

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Mortgage Servicer - You’ve Got Information!

In the light of the crisis, the mortgage industry has been under tremendous pressure to manage its business in a more data-driven manner. There are both operational as well as regulatory imperatives to understand the borrower better, maintain procedural controls, and improve transparency.

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Effective Quality Assurance for Banks

Over the years, financial systems and networks enabling banks’ business operations have grown in scope, scale and complexity. To manage internal processes such as customer acquisition, existing customer management and collections processes ; and risk strategies such as ‘Authorization, CLI / CLD, Payment Hold’ etc., the banks have adopted newer enterprise grade platforms such as Visionplus (First Data), TS2 (TSYS), TRIAD (FICO), Blaze Advisor (FICO) and Strategy Design Studio (Experian).

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Two of the Axtria’s presentations were awarded the Best Podium Presentation at PMSA 2014

Axtria participated at the recently held PMSA 2014 conference in Orlando, its presentations “Measuring the value of providing call plans to the field sales” and “20 Tweets in 20 Minutes covering 20 Years in Pharmaceutical Management Sciences” were given the honor of best podium presentation.

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Refocusing Personal Promotion and a State Space Approach - Presentation at PMSA

Axtria participated as Gold Sponsor at the Pharmaceutical Management Science Association (PMSA) Annual Conference 2014. Axtria’s Principals have supported the PMSA for two decades, including over 15 presentations / symposia / poster contributions over the past decade. The event is attended by industry thought leaders, senior life sciences professionals and business consultants from commercial operations.

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Jassi Chadha (Co-founder and CEO, Axtria) to receive 2014 PMSA Lifetime Achievement Award

The Pharmaceutical Management Science Association (PMSA) has announced that Jaswinder (“Jassi”) Chadha will receive the 2014 PMSA Lifetime Achievement Award at the upcoming 2014 PMSA Annual Conference.
“Over the past 15 years, Jassi has pioneered and innovated techniques in commercial analytics and assessments in sample management, promotional optimization and a myriad of other applications," said Jason Carlin, President of PMSA. "His willingness to challenge convention and offer a competitive vision has made our industry and community richer and more robust.”

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20 Tweets in 20 Minutes Covering 20 Years in Pharmaceutical Management Sciences

While Twitter might be a 21st century invention, communicating in 140 characters or less has been the vernacular of some of history’s greatest visionaries and leaders …

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Advertising 2.0

The world of advertising will have to undergo a serious change if it has to survive. Though Facebook’s ascent as a viable alternative to the traditional media has been temporarily quelled, it is only a matter of time before they are back to challenge the domination of television as the primary medium of reaching out to the masses. To ensure that television ads are less of a drain on the advertiser’s pockets and also to ensure that there is less customer fatigue, there needs to be a number of changes made to the conventions of advertising, and ensure that advertising creates a pull rather that the push it receives now. But beyond these problems, which can be discussed separately, is the big challenge that brand managers continue to face on a daily basis, which is of shrinking budgets for advertising expenditures. If the last problem is solved creatively, it could address parts of the other problems that were mentioned earlier.

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The Pricing Conundrum – Has anyone ever got it right?

Recently, purists were pained to see the exit of Ron Johnson from J.C. Penney. Johnson tried to carry out an experiment of fixing J.C. Penney’s pricing, which had been using too many discounts. Johnson perhaps believed that offering discounts on artificially inflated prices was simply not ethical and diluted the brand of J.C. Penney. But alas! The brand Penney had already been diluted and customers came to Penney precisely because of the large discounts on offer. So, when Johnson came up with a clean and clear cut pricing, sales dropped. Many people believe that Johnson did not listen to the customer, which is why his new pricing strategy failed. Customers are mostly lured by discounts, which leads to a very interesting conclusion (amongst many others) - is price always about perception?

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Is Channel ROI Dead?

From broadcasting a series of monologues at ‘easy’ customers in order to sell products, to having an engaging and effective dialogue with fairly ‘complex’ targets to make meaningful connections – marketing has definitely come a long way. The touch point with the customers no longer depends on the store closure time.

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