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Coronavirus - COVID-19 - AI and Big Data for containment, diagnostic and treatment

COVID-19: AI and Big Data for Treatment, Containment, and Flattening the Curve

As of April 20, there are 2,440,528 confirmed coronavirus cases and 167,592 deaths globally. Currently, the U.S. continues as the hardest-hit country in the world, with 749,666 total cases – 238,831 of which are in the current epicenter, New York. In deciding timelines for reopening economies, officials from affected countries, including Italy, Spain, China, and the U.S., are relying on AI/ML-powered predictive models to determine next best actions. Given the unpredictability and rapidly-changing pandemic climate, AI/ML is necessary to overcome COVID-19 eventually.

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Big Data Framework and Analytics

Breaking Data Lake Myths

Pharma companies realize the value of data-driven insights and decision making and employing best-in-class technology and infrastructure to enable them. So, in recent years, pharma companies are investing heavily in big data solutions. However, these systems do not yield the kind of value expected from the investment. Some of the reasons include:

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How Machine Learning and NLP Can Help Make Sense of EMR and EHR data?

As a follow-up to our first Pharmaceutical Management Science Association (PMSA) blog on Axtria’s participation in PMSA’s 2018 Annual Conference, we would now like to draw your attention to the thought-leading presentation we have planned for April 30th.

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Is NBRx Data the Right Choice for Your IC Pay Plan?

We all know that in sales, the outcomes you get are the outcomes you incent. This is especially important for large field forces such as pharma, where a very large number of influencers are being targeted and sales compensation is computed based on terabytes of external data! Good incentive compensation (IC) plans combined with well administered execution can motivate the sales force and drive the right behaviors to align with corporate goals. But how do we know if the measures we’ve selected contribute to an intelligent incentive plan design?

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How data can be used to run e-commerce companies better-Part 1

After spending a fair bit of time speaking to a lot of my friends and ex-colleagues who either run e-commerce companies or work in them and providing honorary advice to quite a few, I have come to the stark realization that a lot of the good, "old world" analytics is not being fully utilized in the "new age" e-commerce companies. A simple case in point is the "recommendation engine". While the world is agog with praise for the beauty of the "recommendation engines" which based on the product that you select in your cart, comes up with a "basket" of associated, recommended products, we fail to realize and acknowledge that the buying behavior of an individual is not an instantaneous phenomenon.

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