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Why Business Intelligence Projects Fail

p> Business Intelligence (BI) adoption is exploding. As data volumes expand, more and more businesses are adopting BI solutions to turn this data into meaningful information. Small pharma and startups are switching towards BI to improve efficiency and data reach for users. Big pharma companies are utilizing BI for innovation, actionable insights, predictive and prescriptive analytics, and many other things.


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Better Reporting with the iPad

Technology should be a driver of better reporting. Unfortunately, the ability to store ever larger amounts of data and access that data at ever greater speeds has in many cases resulted in more data and more reports, but not more insight. The iPad provides a device with features that can help address these bad habits and foster better reporting. The result is reporting that is focused and actionable, with movement towards a “common language” across the organization to help managers make better, data-driven business decisions.

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