Axtria Webinar: Sales Targeting and Call Planning

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In continuation with the three earlier PMSA Webinars delivered on Commercial Operations, Axtria delivered its fourth insightful webinar on Sales Targeting & Call Planning, which shed light on the detailed tactical steps undertaken as a part of sales and marketing execution. The session conducted by Axtria experts covered typical approaches and techniques, key decisions involved and typical benefits of Call Planning exercise in an environment increasingly impacted by parameters like shrinking sales forces, reduced physician access, influence migrating from physician to system/payer contracts, etc.

This session was attended by diverse sales and marketing professionals from companies all across the pharma value-chain. The presentation was rated excellent on its insightfulness and the speaker’s ability to engage the audience was rated very high. As per respondents, “Webinar provided straight forward view into call planning and how strategies are derived”.

The session apart from covering the basics, also provided a view into emerging call planning dimensions to consider including Group practice/Account based call plans, incorporating IDN influence and payer access, integrating personal with non-personal promotion and decision science based next best action recommendations.

In case you missed the webinar, you can listen to the recording here. In case you have any questions please feel free to reach out to

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