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Targeting and Call Planning

Improving Targeting and Call Planning for the Changing Pharma Landscape

As the healthcare industry moves toward a value-based paradigm, the healthcare environment is becoming increasingly complex with emerging market influencers. Rising healthcare costs and reforms are tilting the balance of power toward payers and provider networks.

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Axtria Webinar: Sales Targeting and Call Planning

In continuation with the three earlier PMSA Webinars delivered on Commercial Operations, Axtria delivered its fourth insightful webinar on Sales Targeting & Call Planning, which shed light on the detailed tactical steps undertaken as a part of sales and marketing execution. The session conducted by Axtria experts covered typical approaches and techniques, key decisions involved and typical benefits of Call Planning exercise in an environment increasingly impacted by parameters like shrinking sales forces, reduced physician access, influence migrating from physician to system/payer contracts, etc.

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Incentive Compensation Plan Design for Effective Alignment with Call Planning

In our previous blog, we discussed the significance of providing call plans to representatives. Continuing with our blog series on different dimensions of sales performance solutions to pharma companies, this blog will talk about the critical linkages between sales incentives and call planning.

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Measuring the Value of Providing Call Plans to the Field Sales Teams

In US, approximately 100,000 pharmaceutical sales reps are pursuing some 830,000 pharma prescribers. Physicians are the most important component in pharma sales and a sales rep usually has a target list of more than 120 physicians to be visited in a typical 3 weeks cycle. Organizations and the management have always acknowledged the absolute importance of Call Planning, which has now well integrated into the planning and execution of the pharmaceutical sales forces.

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