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Implementing a successful global market segmentation & targeting strategy

This tri-blog series delves into the need, challenges, requisites and approaches to implementing an effective global segmentation & targeting (S&T) strategy in the life sciences industry. The upside of a standardized S&T strategy has been discussed in detail in the first blog of this series. This second blog focusses on the components of a global S&T strategy needed for its success and dives into some best practices for implementation.

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Sales Operations Excellence With Intelligent Roster Management

Effective roster management has long been an overlooked topic in Pharma commercial operations. In fact, in our 2016 Commercial Excellence Survey, we found that 46% of Pharma organizations still don’t have integrated processes to manage their sales rep to territory mappings. At any point in time, it is critical for the Sales Operations business processes to have access to the latest and distinct set of sales personnel that will need to be accounted for.

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Impact of social media data on sales forecasting

Following up on our busy agenda for PMSA 2017, on Tuesday April 25th we have Ashish Sharma and Cheng Wang answering the question “Can Social Media Data Improve Sales Forecasting?”.

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Implications from HEOR and RWE Models for Biopharmaceutical Commercial Analytics

The following blog is an expanded summary of proposed research accepted for delivery at the upcoming 22nd ISPOR Annual International Meeting, Research Poster Presentations - Session I, entitled “Health Care Use & Policy Studies”, to be held in the John B. Hynes Convention Center (Level 2) in Boston on Monday May 22, 2017 from 8:30am-2:30pm. The poster author discussion hour will be from 1:00-2:00pm. 

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Infographic: 5 Keys to Effective Call Planning for Pharma Sales

Effective Call planning ensures the best customer engagement for the sales reps by providing the right tactical inputs. It provides the detailed insights on the timing and relevance of messages delivered to target customers. Axtria’s calls planning solution combines the inputs from strategic guidance,  localized planning, and analytics to create the effective call plans which have adequate field buy-in and can improve sales force efficiency. Learn about our approach for sales targeting and effective call planning through an Infographic - “5 Keys to Effective Call Planning” which can motivate the field force and drive the sales growth for an organization.

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Why Pharma needs to evolve Sales Strategies?

Prescribing decisions in the institutional setting differ considerably from the retail setting. As noted in the figure below, HCPs are influenced by several parties, both internal and external. While the health of the patient and safety of medications continue to be of paramount importance, over the past several years, financial considerations have increased attention on quality of care. No longer is a hospital’s survival dependent on the “hotel model” (where higher occupancy equals greater profitability), rather insurance companies, in an effort to control costs, are incentivizing institutions (IDNs) to keep patients healthy, reduce the length and frequency of hospitals visits, etc. Further, as new information systems and technologies are implemented (many driven by requirements outlined in the Affordable Care Act) the ability of key payers to manage costs and processes will improve. This will continue to drive the behaviors of healthcare professionals and their employers.

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Sales force sizing strategy

Pharma Sales Force Sizing Strategy – Which Approach to Use?

Continuing our blog series examining a ‘year in the life’ of Sales Strategy and Operations . This time of the year (late spring, early summer) marks the classic sales force sizing season. Why now? Many executives engage in the strategic planning and/or anticipate next year’s budgeting process, which is why this is a perfect time to take a fresh look at the overall sales force investment.

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Managed Markets Operations

A Market-Driven Model for Managed Markets Operations

While my colleague posts that bio-pharmaceutical sales operations staff are working too hard, I think managed markets operations and analytics staff members are simultaneously more over-whelmed and under-resourced. For too long, too many bio-pharmaceutical firms have under-invested in analytics and operational infrastructure to support their managed markets organizations.

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April 15: (Sales Strategy & Operations) Day of Reckoning

Day of Reckoning: “the time when one is called to account for one's actions, to pay one's debts, or to fulfill one's promises or obligations.”

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Go-to-Market Strategy Framework and the Sales Force Sizing Strategy

Recall that this blog series focuses on Sales Operations, and hence the sales force. However, one cannot consider the sales force in isolation.

Over the past several decades, we have experienced a proliferation of channels, including direct sales, mass media advertising (think Mad Men), direct mail, telesales, online/digital, email, social, mobile etc. Each of these channels has advantages with respect to efficiency or effectiveness (topic for another day), often work well in combination, and should be tailored to the chosen business and marketing strategy.

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