Sales Operations Excellence With Intelligent Roster Management

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    Effective roster management has long been an overlooked topic in Pharma commercial operations. In fact, in our 2016 Commercial Excellence Survey, we found that 46% of Pharma organizations still don’t have integrated processes to manage their sales rep to territory mappings. At any point in time, it is critical for the Sales Operations business processes to have access to the latest and distinct set of sales personnel that will need to be accounted for.All functions of commercial operations including sales force sizing, alignment management, call planning, and incentive compensation management are data driven analytical processes that need to strongly align with the commercial strategy of the sales teams and hence have the need for accurate roster data to effectively plan and manage these processes.

    We’ve just released a really interesting whitepaper that takes a critical look at the roster management process, highlighting why you should consider transforming your current operations and the challenges to consider, and then shares insightful case studies and tangible steps to achieve Intelligent Roster Management in your own organization.

    You can download the full whitepaper here.

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