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    Axtria conducted a workshop on Multi-Channel Marketing and Next Generation Engagement at the PMSA January Symposium in Las Vegas.

    In this session, the presenters educated and engaged the audience with an overview of Pharma industry changes and hands-on exposure to developing digital campaign measurement, analytics, testing, insights, tagging, analysis, and actions. The audience learned the digital analytics techniques to get better reach and engage with your customers more effectively.

    As the time allocated to sales reps by HCPs continues to decrease, those same HCPs prefer to be reached on their own time, schedule, and medium on digital channels. Pharma marketers need to be aware of this fundamental shift in customer preferences and align their activities to reach their audiences. If not, the implications may be significant to their brands and their organization’s performance.

    Furthermore, it is no longer enough to rely solely on creating web pages, or some other digital marketing assets. It is necessary to understand and analyze customer preferences, understand behaviors, and develop campaigns that reach target customers on their terms. Along the same lines, it is crucial to be able to analyze customer preferences, create campaigns quickly to adjust to customer preferences, and develop meaningful, personalized conversations/content based on what advanced technological tools are indicating to us.

    The advances available to brand marketers and marketing operations professionals, to name a few, are monumental. The advent of tracking, tagging, and analytics have placed customer-centric marketing at the fingertips of every marketing professional. Marketers are now able to use these three to create a website, test this website against others, track the engagement, tagging items on the website, analyze, and then update to deliver and meet their customer preferences and then deliver content, messaging, or enable recommendations. Marketers now have the ability to evaluate and run real-time analytics and make quick decisions based on measurement. These insights enable more effective and focused personalized marketing that leads to better engagement and higher campaign outcomes.

    Pharma marketing is at a unique crossroad with technological advances beckoning marketers to learn and leverage these tools to empower their customer-centric marketing.

    The presentation unraveled the fundamental shifting technologies within marketing, how to leverage and harness the power of these advances to better marketing.

    In this session, the presenters addressed the following questions:

    1. How important is it to create responsive marketing campaigns across digital channels that are engaging?
    2. Is it valuable to interpret data regularly and make adjustments/refinements to audiences or strategies?
    3. How may data be evaluated and what insights may we draw?
    4. How may a more customer-centric marketing strategy be enabled? What are the tools and methods to enable more personalized, targeted marketing?
    5. What are the benefits of improved engagement and how to maintain the momentum?

    To learn more about the Multi-Channel Marketing and how to leverage new technologies to make next generation engagement real, reach out to us at insights@axtria.com.


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