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    Episode 8: Software-driven Transformation of Promotional Measurement, Planning, and Activation

    Life science organizations must evolve and adapt for future success. Today, Sameer Sardana, Leader of Product Development at Axtria, discusses transforming operational methodologies within life sciences. He delves into the agencies responsible for promotional planning, measurement, and activation, stressing the significance of accurate analysis measurement. 
    Sameer also discusses how MLOps (Machine Learning Operations) workstreams and technologies empower stakeholders and marketers to make real-time promotion decisions, driving pivotal decision-making processes. Sameer adds that this represents a substantial shift for individuals accustomed to traditional settings, potentially disrupting established practices and necessitating new approaches. Our audience can benefit from today's insights to gain a competitive edge in the future.

    In This Episode, We Cover:

    • [2:53] Sameer Sardana discusses pharma companies' current state of affairs and how they spend much of their revenues on promotion.
    • [4:42] Sameer outlines four trends in this space of promotional effectiveness that are drivers of change.
    • [7:09] Discussion of the three deterrents to the evolution of change and the inefficiencies created by many agencies because they are often involved in promotional measurement.
    • [11:01] Sameer discusses a CoE (Center of Excellence) created at Axtria where all promotional measurements were done for a customer, allowing the organization to leverage the best in class techniques.
    • [13:11] Sameer explains the use of software and the three areas of value it brings to the promotional measurement space. 
    • [15:54] Sameer discusses how marketing and IT have impacted the stakeholders.

    Key Takeaways:

    • The pharmaceutical sector invests millions in advertising and assessing the efficacy of campaigns. The quality of the analysis hinges on the expertise of the individuals interpreting the data.
    • One of the most significant barriers to change is that promotional planning, measurement, and activation must be tied together, impacting promotional efforts and the ability to change course quickly.
    • Agencies have expanded, taking over not only promotional planning and execution but also measurement, creating spending 200 million dollars in one company.

    About Speaker

    Meet Sameer Sardana:

    Sameer Sardana heads products at Axtria and is the force behind some of the leading software products in the life sciences commercial space. He has spent over a decade developing products in customer engagement, promotional measurement, and MLOps workstreams. In his role, Sameer is also responsible for defining the strategy, going to market plans, and executing Axtria's product vision.

    He routinely partners with global commercial leaders to provide last-mile decision support, leveraging AI and technology to transform their businesses. Before Axtria, Sameer held increasing responsibilities in data analytics and technology consulting with expertise in sales and marketing operations, commercial model design, marketing mix, and patient analytics.

    Over the years, he has partnered with customers on dozens of transformation initiatives requiring large-scale change management across various stakeholders. Sameer holds a bachelor's and a master's of technology degree from IIT Delhi.


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