Highlights of Veeva Commercial Summit 2016

As we look back on an exciting week in Philadelphia, there are many highlights that make 2016 the best Veeva Commercial Summit yet.  At Axtria, we thrive on customer engagement and the summit gave us the opportunity to meet with more than 100 of you. We enjoyed the chance to discuss the latest industry trends, hear about your business challenges, and share our leadership in commercial operations.

The top three areas of interest this year were:

  1. Sales performance and operations with a lot of focus on compensation
  2. Real-time insights for Veeva CRM Suggestions
  3. Commercial Analytics including marketing, patient and digital

Axtria SalesIQ™ is our fully integrated, cloud based platform that brings together Territory Alignment, Call Planning, Incentive Compensation, and Field Reporting.  Built on and pre-integrated with CRM, it was easy to see how it could add immediate value to your Veeva investments. Many of you were impressed by the visual map-based Territory Alignment capabilities with smart decision support at every stage. We also received a lot of enthusiasm towards the simplicity of our mobile friendly Call Planning capabilities. Our industry specific Incentive Compensation offering was one of the hottest topic of discussion with many of you expressing that this is the missing piece amongst sales operations platforms today.

We also showcased our latest innovation, Axtria Triggers, a data science engine that feeds real-time insights into Veeva CRM Suggestions.  There was a lot of focus on Veeva CRM Suggestions at the Summit with multiple sessions on this new capability. Our demonstration showed how to leverage insight from multiple data sources to support recommendations on next best action and channel for healthcare professionals.

Alongside SalesIQ™ and Triggers, we also had a lot of fun demonstrating our robot that solves the Rubik’s Cube.  Built from LEGO, the robot is a great metaphor for what we do at Axtria - taking inputs, analyzing, and using the insights to solve business puzzles.  What was even more exciting was having a competitor give away branded Rubik’s Cubes, which customers were bringing to our booth for Axtria’s robot to solve.  Again, a great metaphor for what we are doing in the marketplace.

Over the past year we have worked with over 50 leading pharmaceutical companies with several interactions at the VP and Director level in each company.  Based on these engagements, we have created a strategic five step guide for senior commercial executives on how to future-proof your commercial operations.  Please contact us at for access to this guide.  

In addition, we have a number of follow-ups with many of you and look forward to contributing to your continued success.


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