Direct and Indirect influence of Key Account Managers in Pharma Sales

Axtria’s session on “Measuring Direct and Indirect Influence of Account Managers” @PMSA 2018!

As part of Axtria’s exciting presentation lineup, David Wood, Senior Principal, and Shubham Lahoti, Associate Director, will be presenting on the topic of “Measuring Direct and Indirect Influence of Account Managers”.

Axtria’s prior presentation focuses on how Machine Learning (ML) can help make sense of EMR and EHR data, whereas this session focuses on the methodology used to measure the interaction effect between account managers and sales reps and how to use that information to size the two teams. This presentation is on Wednesday, May 2nd at 8:15 a.m.

Account managers generally call on key decision makers at the health systems / IDNs mostly to influence policies and formulary decisions. This also improves the selling environment for the “regular” sales reps calling on the various target accounts or physicians that are influenced by that health system. During this presentation, David and Shubham will address:

  • How to quantify the response of an account, i.e., sales that can be generated by an account based on the direct (or indirect through the account manager) promotion to that account
  • How to measure response in the presence of interaction effects between the account manager and regular sales reps
  • How to size two teams simultaneously especially when the interaction between the teams will result in a continuous change of response and hence, optimal for a target

Don’t miss out on learning about the methodology used to measure the interaction effect between account managers and sales reps. In addition to this presentation, Axtria has several other informative activities planned.

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We look forward to seeing you there!

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