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Axtria shares a long association with Pharmaceutical Management Science Association (PMSA), and we are excited to be back at this year’s conference as a Gold Sponsor. Axtria has a lot of activity planned between April 23rd and 26th with thought-leading presentations, informative conference tutorials, engaging poster, innovative showcases and lots of networking opportunities.

We kick off with a pre-conference tutorial session on “Best Practices in Designing, Measuring and Optimizing Marketing & Sales Effectiveness” with our subject matter experts.

On Sunday, April 23rd between 1.00-5.00pm, Charlie Thompson and David Wood will take participants through three main topics covering Segmentation & Targeting, Marketing Mix, and Market Access & Payer Analytics. These topics were selected and prioritized by PMSA conference registrants.

Segmentation & Targeting will explore the needs of marketing organizations, including NAB (Needs, Attitudes and Behavior) segments and subsequent baseline marketing blueprints. It will also address the ways to make these actionable through best-in-class methods and dynamically updating marketing communication blueprints based on target interaction and response.

Marketing Mix will focus on models that can help in evaluating the impact and ROI of different marketing campaigns, tactics and channels. It will also discuss how to use these models for optimizing overall promotion budgets.

Market Access & Payer Analytics will review the evolving landscape of Payers & IDNs and focus on analysis of Payer intent and ability to control. Specific analysis that helps in identifying effective impact of specific control methods available to payers will also be discussed.

The last 30-minutes will be open for audience Q&A, where we encourage you to ask questions and share your experiences.

We look forward to seeing you there.

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