Analytics-Enabled Sales Alignment Process Streamlines Sales Crediting

Sales crediting and eligibility are two of the most common challenges that organizations face in managing their Incentive Compensation programs. Traditionally, these processes have relied on accurate alignment and roster data to determine the right individual to get sales credit, the absence of which causes incentive compensation & other downstream systems to wonder ‘what happened’ well after ‘it happened’.

As sales organizations evolve in their complexity to respond to a dynamic market place, it has become essential to adopt a nimble sales deployment model where the field leadership, rather than the traditional home office, is empowered to make territory and account coverage decisions. This inevitably increases the frequency (in many cases driven by the situation on the ground) of alignment changes and amplifies the challenges associated with sales crediting and eligibility.

While investing in an alignment ecosystem, organizations not only need to ensure that effective controls can be placed on the flow of alignment information into incentive compensation and reporting systems, but also that the field leadership understands the impact of their alignment changes on sales crediting and eligibility.
During the lunch hour sessions at PMSA Annual conference 2016, on April 18th – 19th, Sai Thyagarajan from Axtria, along with Jodi Greenberg from Quest Diagnostics will present a real world case of how Quest Diagnostics overcame these challenges using insights at the point of decision, powerful technology and good governance processes.

Join them for an insightful discussion of how streamlining their alignment process led to several tangible results including the faster turnaround in incentive processing, measurable increase in sales force productivity, improved trust and confidence in alignment data leading to top-line growth in revenues.

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