Data Strategy and Governance: A Strategic Enabler of Next Generation Analytics

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We always save the best until last, and PMSA 2017 is no exception. On Wednesday 26th April, we will conclude the conference with an insightful presentation from Asheesh Sharma and Vineet Rathi on Data Strategy and Governance: A Strategic Enabler of Next Generation Analytics and Insight Driven Commercial Excellence.

In this session, Asheesh and Vineet will showcase the strategy and framework that was implemented at Janssen for a successful Data Governance Program in Commercial Excellence. They will also discuss the business value generated by this program, both in terms of financial ROI and process excellence.

The session is from 10:45 to 11:30 am, and offers incredible insight to learn how this Data Governance framework can enable next generation Analytics and Insight-Driven Commercial Excellence.

Alongside this session, Axtria has a range of other exciting thought-leading presentations, informative conference tutorials, engaging poster, innovative showcases and networking opportunities scheduled throughout the conference.

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