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Digital Advertising Operations To Recapture New Economy Revenue

The digital media industry with its low barriers to entry, unlimited inventory, automated trading systems and rapidly shifting consumer habits is vibrant and rapidly evolving. Consumer adoption of innovative digital models and development of new marketing technologies and applications to deliver advertisements has given digital publishers across media industry segments, options to supplant the rather spiralling revenues from traditional media inventory. This blog will delve into insights to help digital publishers investigate strategies and models which would help them compete more strategically and generate the incremental dollar in the wake of already formidable competition like Google, Facebook, Yahoo, among others.
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Advertising 2.0

The world of advertising will have to undergo a serious change if it has to survive. Though Facebook’s ascent as a viable alternative to the traditional media has been temporarily quelled, it is only a matter of time before they are back to challenge the domination of television as the primary medium of reaching out to the masses. To ensure that television ads are less of a drain on the advertiser’s pockets and also to ensure that there is less customer fatigue, there needs to be a number of changes made to the conventions of advertising, and ensure that advertising creates a pull rather that the push it receives now. But beyond these problems, which can be discussed separately, is the big challenge that brand managers continue to face on a daily basis, which is of shrinking budgets for advertising expenditures. If the last problem is solved creatively, it could address parts of the other problems that were mentioned earlier.

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