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#STEMinism: Girls Lose Interest Through Nurture, Not Nature

In today's technology age, many of the world's fastest-growing and lucrative careers stem from STEM – science, technology, engineering, and math. Unfortunately, STEM industries are still amongst some of the most male-dominated workforces.

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Dilute Hierarchical Lines

Dilute those hierarchical lines and let go!

“We are a flat hierarchy organization!”

Time and again we have heard professionals state this – be it during a sales meeting, a seminar, a casual conversation, or even in a job description. This proclamation is good news! In fact, from the millennials to the most experienced will vouch for the redundancy of a hierarchical structure in its strictest sense.

...And rightly so!

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Millennial Friendly Learning Culture

Building a millennial-friendly learning culture

A lot has been said and spoken about the millennial generation but is managing their career expectations really such an uphill task for companies? Shikha Singhal, Head of Axtria Institute, shares her perspective from building that journey on learning at Axtria. 

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