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Targeting and Call Planning

Improving Targeting and Call Planning for the Changing Pharma Landscape

As the healthcare industry moves toward a value-based paradigm, the healthcare environment is becoming increasingly complex with emerging market influencers. Rising healthcare costs and reforms are tilting the balance of power toward payers and provider networks.

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Axtria Webinar: Sales Targeting and Call Planning

In continuation with the three earlier PMSA Webinars delivered on Commercial Operations, Axtria delivered its fourth insightful webinar on Sales Targeting & Call Planning, which shed light on the detailed tactical steps undertaken as a part of sales and marketing execution. The session conducted by Axtria experts covered typical approaches and techniques, key decisions involved and typical benefits of Call Planning exercise in an environment increasingly impacted by parameters like shrinking sales forces, reduced physician access, influence migrating from physician to system/payer contracts, etc.

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The Accountable Care Organization: Powerful Sales Incentives Will Shift Prescribing Behavior

An Accountable Care Organization (ACO) is a group of providers willing and capable of accepting accountability for the total cost and quality of care for a defined population. The goal of the ACO is to deliver coordinated and efficient care. ACOs that achieve quality and cost targets (determined by Medicare) will receive a financial bonus based on selected “Risk Sharing Model”, and under some approaches, those that fail will be subject to a financial penalty.

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Promotional Activity – Including/Excluding Healthcare Professionals

Over the past several years a number of Pharma companies have developed processes and procedures to ensure that promotional activities, personal and non-personal, are targeted appropriately. Customers are either “included or excluded” based on the specialty of a healthcare professional (HCP) and a product’s approved indication(s). As noted in a variety of recent legal and financial settlements, the costs associated with inadequate promotional controls is extremely high.

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A Closer Look at Integrated Health Groups

Integrated Healthcare Groups can be segmented (targeted) based on several criteria/factors such as size, # of hospitals, # of admissions, # of employed HCPs (hospital and community-based), etc. When analyzing IHGs it is also important to assess their true level of integration. Several large IHGs (i.e. Carolinas HS and Novant) have grown rapidly through acquisition however they do not have common systems in place across their network, therefore the level of “integration” is somewhat weak. Conversely IHGs with more established systems (i.e. Kaiser, Geisinger, etc.) have infrastructures in place that position them to drive a high level of control and track, measure and reward performance.

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The Golden Thread: Connecting Strategy and Execution with Customer Targeting

The ‘Golden Thread’ is a metaphor for the decisions, data / analytical processes, technology, and human behavior that link strategy and results. Each bend, twist and cut of the thread reduces the quality of the gold delivered at the end of the process. How do organizations lose sight of the ‘Golden Thread’?

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