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Driver Score - Quantifying your Moves

With the advancements in the field of science and technology, more and more appliances have integrated systems capable of storing and reporting streams of data. Under the field of telematics, various devices are being used to extract, store and transform information related to vehicles and their usage. The data provided by these devices also contains information regarding various aspects of the driver including the driving patterns.

Need of an hour is the unified rating for drivers that represents how good a driver is, irrespective of the device or telematics service provider (TSP). A lot of information related to driving behaviors is being tracked through in-vehicle telecommunication devices (telematics) that are usually self-installed into a special vehicle port and can be used to predict the level of risk that a driver will cause an accident in foreseeable future. Through this paper, we propose the following methodology to calculate these rating, the driver scores as it is generally called.

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