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Axtria ranks in CIOReview’s 20 Most Promising Pharma and Life Sciences Tech Solution Providers 2017 list

Axtria is extremely proud to rank in the CIOReview Tech Solution Providers list for 2017, which is an annual listing of 20 companies that are at the forefront of providing Pharma and Life Science solutions and impacting the market.

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Quantifying The Economic Burden Of Inadequate Symptom Control Among Patients With IBS-D

As the industry shifts from volume to value based models, it is becoming necessary for Pharmaceutical companies to demonstrate the value their brands deliver through outcomes and evidence based studies. One example of such study is economic burden of inadequate symptom control.

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Biosimilars in the US – Will They Deliver on the Promise?

Research presented from Mylan Pharmaceuticals at the recently held 2016 annual meeting of the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) generated excitement within the medical community in demonstrating comparable clinical trial results of their biosimilar drug Myl-14010 to Herceptin from Roche.1 This is the first biosimilar drug to show comparable effects to a biologic drug in the treatment of cancer. Herceptin has been a game-changer in the treatment for about 25% of breast cancer patients.1 The hope and promise is that biosimilars will bring less expensive copies of many biologic cancer drugs, thereby increasing affordability and expanding access of these therapies around the world and not just in developed economy pharmaceutical markets. While this is the hope, the question is whether biosimilars will deliver on this promise? What does economic analysis predict regarding the price effect of biosimilars in the US drug market?

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People Placement problems in Life Sciences Sales: Challenges and Opportunities

People Placement constitutes the activities related to assignment of sales reps, following any major sales force territory alignment or change in the size and structure of sales force. Placing the best available rep into each territory is critical to the success of any sales force realignment effort.

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Calling all wannabe gamblers!!

We are delighted to announce our participation as a Gold Sponsor in the upcoming PMSA Annual conference, to be held on 17th to 20th April 2016 at Planet Hollywood Las Vegas. We are looking forward to meeting with senior pharma business leadership and discussing the role of management and decision science in the continually evolving commercial landscape. 

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Technology and Media - Integrating Consumer Digital into the Marketing Mix Problem

Axtria Principals David Wood, PhD and Randy Risser present analytical techniques developed in Axtria's R&D labs.

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The Evolving Art of Customer Valuation

Customer valuation is critical to pharmaceutical brand strategy as it informs several key decisions such as messaging, resource allocation, services offering allocation, etc. In simple / well established therapeutic areas, customers can be valued based on prescription volumes. However, often the competitive space presents complexities such as multiple classes of medication, combination therapies and an evolving product landscape. The disease state can present complexities such as comorbidities, multiple closely related diagnoses, potential off-label prescribing etc. There can be complexities that arise out of data availability, or lack thereof: for instance, launching into a market where competitors are distributing through Specialty Pharmacy. Further, depending on the therapeutic area, customers may be physicians, group practice accounts, hospitals or even Integrated Health Systems. In such cases, simple techniques may not be adequate.

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Measuring Direct & Indirect Influence of Account Managers

The pharmaceutical marketing landscape has been changed significantly by the emergence of various types of “health systems”, variously known as ACOs, IDNs, IHNs, etc. These organizations create varying degrees of centralized control and decision-making for pharmaceutical or device and diagnostics products. Pharmaceutical companies have generally responded to this emergence by creating (or increasing) the role of Account Managers, calling on key decision makers at these health systems.

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Axtria Gold Sponsor for 2015 Pharmaceutical Management Science Association (PMSA)

After an overwhelming response to the Axtria’s presence last year, we are pleased to announce Axtria’s Gold Sponsor support for this year’s Pharmaceutical Management Science Association (PMSA) Annual Conference. Axtria’s Principals have supported the PMSA for two decades, including over 15 presentations / symposia / poster contributions over the past decade alone. The annual PMSA conference is attended by industry thought leaders, and highlights the latest thinking in life sciences analytics and business challenges facing commercial operations.

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Whitepaper - From Sick Care to Health Care

The focus of healthcare, globally, has been on treatment of disease and taking care of the sick. The approach has been reactive i.e. treat the sick. This approach basically leads to intervention only when the health of any person reaches a critical stage, with clinical intervention and hospitalization being the outcome. On top of this the healthcare system is constrained by spiraling cost driven by inefficient care system. This unsustainable economic impact of cost of care is driving the focus towards proactive health and care management.

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