Digital Transformation

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    One of the life sciences industry's most important goals is to achieve the long-term sustainability of its digital transformation initiatives. The industry is adopting holistic strategies ...

    3 mins read

    The journey from sourcing data to making data-driven decisions is critical and complex. In this journey, life sciences companies transit via several opportunities to define a competitive ...

    5 mins read

    Enable a modern data analytics platform ecosystem to empower data-driven culture, purpose-built use cases, and business-driven outcomes

    5 mins read

    The life sciences industry has always been propelled by research and innovation, more now than ever, with breakthrough drug development, massive investments to expedite drug launches, and ...

    4 mins read

    This blog is the second of a two-part series and highlights two of the four key forces driving changes in the healthcare ecosystem, encouraging medical device companies to rethink their ...

    3 mins read

    In the first blog of this two-part series, we highlight two of the four key forces driving changes in the healthcare ecosystem, encouraging medical device companies to rethink their ...

    5 mins read

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    Omnichannel Customer Engagement

    Ensure 360-degree customer engagement with omnichannel marketing solutions.

    Across all industries, brands connect with their prospects and customers through many different communication channels. Such interactions over various channels collectively influence customer ...

    4 mins read

    Businesses that adopt omnichannel strategies achieve 91% greater customer retention rates year-over-year (YOY) 1

    4 mins read

    Call Planning

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    As the healthcare industry moves toward a value-based paradigm, the healthcare environment is becoming increasingly complex with emerging market influencers. Rising healthcare costs and reforms are ...

    5 mins read

    In continuation with the three earlier PMSA Webinars delivered on Commercial Operations, Axtria delivered its fourth insightful webinar on Sales Targeting & Call Planning, which shed light on the ...

    1 mins read

    In our previous blog, we discussed the significance of providing call plans to representatives. Continuing with our blog series on different dimensions of sales performance solutions to pharma ...

    2 mins read

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