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PMSA Presentation on “Application of diagnostic test data in Oncology”

Targeted therapies have generated great interest amongst pharmaceutical manufacturers and several products are currently being commercialized. With the advent of advanced data sources provided by companies who perform these diagnostic tests, it becomes more critical pharmaceutical manufacturers to enhance their understanding of diagnosis, testing, and treatment behaviors while building capabilities around the targeted therapies with accurate forecasting. The diagnostic testing data provided by the laboratories helps in evaluating the overall genetic testing landscape ranging from academic to commercial laboratories and make commercial recommendations around forecasting and localized decision making.

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Analytics-Enabled Sales Alignment Process Streamlines Sales Crediting and Eligibility

Sales crediting and eligibility are two of the most common challenges that organizations face in managing their Incentive Compensation programs. Traditionally, these processes have relied on accurate alignment and roster data to determine the right individual to get sales credit, the absence of which causes IC & other downstream systems to wonder ‘what happened’ well after ‘it happened’.

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People Placement problems in Life Sciences Sales: Challenges and Opportunities

People Placement constitutes the activities related to assignment of sales reps, following any major sales force territory alignmentor change in the size and structure of sales force. Placing the best available rep into each territory is critical to the success of any sales force realignment effort.

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Calling all wannabe gamblers!!

We are delighted to announce our participation as a Gold Sponsor in the upcoming PMSA Annual conference, to be held on 17th to 20th April 2016 at Planet Hollywood Las Vegas. We are looking forward to meeting with senior pharma business leadership and discussing the role of management and decision science in the continually evolving commercial landscape. 

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Axtria delivered its fourth session on ‘Targeting & Call Planning’ during PMSA Webinar Series 2015 on 28th October

In continuation with the three earlier PMSA Webinars delivered on Commercial Operations, Axtria delivered its fourth insightful webinar on Targeting & Call Planning, which shed light on the detailed tactical steps undertaken as a part of sales and marketing execution. The session conducted by Axtria experts Chet Baboor and Vineet Rathi covered typical approaches and techniques, key decisions involved and typical benefits of Call Planning exercise in an environment increasingly impacted by parameters like shrinking sales forces, reduced physician access, influence migrating from physician to system/payer contracts, etc.

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Best practices in Pharma Incentive Compensation Management

Incentive Compensation (IC) today continues to be a critical function in sales operations, and is one of the key levers for driving field force effectiveness. An effective organization should be able to leverage incentive compensation as a strategic tool to drive performance and, as a result, increased revenues. With proliferation of data sources, technologies, selling models and cost pressures, priorities are changing rapidly. IC team leaders today need to be aware of best practices that drive high impact and keep sales organization aligned with corporate sales goals.

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Market Assessment in Oncology Using APLD

At the annual PMSA conference 2015, Axtria’s Sudeep Saha and Celgene’s Jennifer Maurer will share an approach that demonstrates how to use patient-level data in a robust way to estimate market opportunity and product penetration in the field of Oncology.

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Measuring Direct & Indirect Influence of Account Managers

The pharmaceutical marketing landscape has been changed significantly by the emergence of various types of “health systems”, variously known as ACOs, IDNs, IHNs, etc. These organizations create varying degrees of centralized control and decision-making for pharmaceutical or device and diagnostics products. Pharmaceutical companies have generally responded to this emergence by creating (or increasing) the role of Account Managers, calling on key decision makers at these health systems.

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Effective Incentive Compensation Plan Design and Analytics

Incentive Compensation today continues to be a critical function in sales operations, and is one of the key levers for driving field force effectiveness. Expectations from incentive compensation team leaders have now become more demanding. Priorities are changing at a rapid pace, with new customer types, new selling models, advent of new technologies and new data sources. They need to contemplate, data restrictions, cost pressures, and emerging global captive CoEs (Centers of Excellence). IC team leaders today need to be aware of best practices that drive high impact.

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